A Birth To Remember.
Uninhibited. Undisturbed. Uncensored. 

You have some ideas about how you’d like your birth to look and you know it’s not going to be easy, physically or mentally. Only one thing is completely certain. It will change you.

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, childbirth is a raw, pure, intense, messy and emotional experience.

You tell yourself you’ll remember everything, but it’s amazing how quickly memories fade. You’re so in the moment, you see everything through a hormonal haze. 

Birth photography doesn’t just capture the moment your child was born. It also reminds you how capable you are.

You Grew A Human. How Fucking Amazing Is That? 

about kayla gonzales austin birth photographer

I'm Here To Give Your Narrative A Voice.

I’m Kayla. An Advocate. A Knowledge Seeker. A Grand Multipara... (look it up!)

As a mother, a woman, and a photographer, I’m certain of one thing. You’ll never see a birth like your own. 

I discovered birth photography in 2009, when I was pregnant with my first daughter. At the time, I was planning to birth with the care and assistance of a doctor at a nearby hospital. When I stumbled upon those first few birth photographers, I didn’t even consider hiring one. Like many parents, I didn’t realize all the moments I would miss until months after my daughter was born.

As it is, I recall very little about my first birth. Out of 9 hours of labor, only a few scattered details remain.

Honestly, I have no memory of seeing my daughter for the first time. Did I cry? Did I laugh? I can't picture the first time she latched to the breast, or the moment her dad cut the umbilical cord.

The most impactful day of my life, gone forever. That’s how I know that documenting your birth is so important.

And it’s more than just a snapshot in time. So much more. It was through birth photography and videography that I learned more about childbirth and my own body than I’d been taught by my parents, my friends, in school, and at doctor’s appointments combined. Birth imagery was the channel through which I gathered knowledge about out-of-hospital birth, midwifery care, and the triumph and power of unhindered birth. It was those first images that led me down the path to birthing at home for the first time.

Of course, I know now that the preservation of those memories is important; I long to go back and capture what I lost from the birth of my first child. But the idea of having those moments captured forever is not what first captivated me.

I’m for the families who want to share their stories — woman to woman, mother to child. I’m for those who want to see their own strength through a different set of eyes. I’m for the fathers who view pregnancy, birth, and their partners with the reverence they deserve. I’m for the body-positive, the sex-positive, the advocates. I’m for the future generations that deserve systems better than what we have now.

I partner with families who understand that they have more options than they realize, that they have agency over their own bodies, and that their experience can and should be guided by them.

I’m for you.

Empowerment. Education. Emotion.
One Photo At A Time.

Birth photography is more than just a keepsake. It empowers us, educates us and brings the important conversations around childbirth to the forefront. 

We may not have the same birthing experience. Hell, we may not even have the same idea of how it should go. But no single birth is more amazing than another. It’s all pretty damn miraculous. And I respect it no matter the setting or process. 

It took me years to realize how my story is intrinsically woven into my identity and approach as a birth photographer. My passion extends far beyond just freezing the moments for you to revisit as the years go by. My focus is always on the process and the experience of the birthing person. I’m drawn to the honesty and normalcy of birth, and the sheer power of women. The adorable baby is an added bonus.

I document the reality of childbirth in a way that tells the whole story. 

No creative angles to distract from the fact that babies come out of vaginas.

No skipping straight to the sanitized version of birth where babies come out bathed and swaddled. 

No black and white conversions meant shielding the reality of what really happens.

I see your experience not only through the eyes of a mother, but also as a woman; not as identities synonymous with one another, but separate instead; and as the young, not-so-blissfully unaware version of my own self too. It is that combination that makes what I offer unique and so special. 

This is your birth, your way. 

I’m here to capture your memories.