About Kayla


I'm not everyone's photographer.

I admit, I'm probably not even the photographer for most. 

I want to capture your truth, whatever that is. I'm not after the pretty, the clean, the polished. I don't want to photograph your "instagram life". I want to show you the beauty of the real life you're living. I'm not afraid, and I hope you're not either. I want your honesty, your mess, your flaws, your vulnerability, and through that I will show you the love, the strength, and the beauty that surrounds you every day. 

I make no apologies, and neither should you. 

about kayla gonzales austin birth photographer

I feel like the first thing you need to know about me is that I hate talking about myself. Maybe that will somehow make this less awkward? For a long time this space was filled with some second-rate, generic wording that was supposed to describe me—that wasn't about me at all, that didn't sound like me at all. How do you speak authentically about yourself?

I still have no idea.

I'm not trying to sell myself to you, though. I hope like hell we get along, but people usually do like me. As a socially-awkward introvert, I find it peculiar that so many people say that they feel connected to me. I like it, but I just don't understand it at all. Nevertheless, I don't want you to hire me because I'm nice or funny or because we like the same ice cream (actually, I don't eat ice cream) or drink the same beer (I don't drink that either, sorry!)

I want to document the most important moments of your life only because you feel like you can trust me. I mean the kind of unwavering trust you put in someone to document a once in a lifetime event with no opportunity for retakes. So forget about the human me, and look at my work. Look through my imagery, my journal, and my Instagram and if you feel so moved by what I've created that you just know, that is the way you want to see your life, through my eyes, only then do we need to talk.

But if curiosity still gets the best of you....

My name is Kayla. I am a mother of five (Aria, Eden, Iris, Nova, & Foxe), life partner to Will, free thinker, feminist, birth junkie, and chai latte lover. My favorite word may or may not start with the letter F, have four letters, and constantly get auto-corrected to duck. (Spoiler alert: it definitely is.)

I am repeatedly awe-struck by the beauty and intense power that is unique to women in their ability to grow life, bring it Earthside, sustain that life, and transform into the nurturing beings we call Mothers. I am deeply honored by all of the women who have trusted me to tell the stories of these profound transformations through my art.