One Day New: Postpartum, Uncensored

Ecstatic. Overwhelmed. Powerful. Weepy. Your postpartum period can look and feel a thousand different ways - sometimes all in a single hour.

A walking contradiction, you’re full hearted and empty wombed. Strong, yet frail. Empowered, yet vulnerable. Lost, but for the first time, rooted.

Introducing a new type of documentary session for Austin families - One Day New: Postpartum Uncensored. Raw and honest stories about your first day at home with baby, a particularly unique and short-lived season in your life as a new, or newly expanded, family... when the days are long, the nights are longer, the emotions are like overwhelming tidal waves washing over you. At a time when you may feel the most out of place in your body, your home, and your life, this is a collection of images that celebrates change and embraces the hectic, but beautiful, new life you’re settling into. It is an opportunity to practice self-love at a time when you feel more vulnerable than ever before. To be grateful for your body, honoring it as the amazing home your baby first knew. Come as you are. You may be naked, unwashed, swollen breasted, and milk stained. You may have a collection of dirty diapers piling up next to the bed, or four half drank glasses of water and two day old food on the nightstand. You are glorious—swollen, bleeding, exhausted—but simply and utterly glorious. You probably don’t even know it, but I can help you see. Together, we can preserve these intimate moments for all of eternity.


"We had a wildly fast home birth with Pearl that was everything we hoped it could be, so I was on a complete high holding my second daughter close." says Gina of our session together, which took place just 12 hours after she welcomed Pearl into the water at home in front of the fireplace, bringing an end to her impressive 1 hour, 45 minute labor. "Kayla captured my emotion, my surroundings, my body and my baby in all their authentic glory. I wouldn’t have thought having those hours captured would be so dear to my heart and something I would never want to live without… but it’s just such a special, fleeting, and beautiful time."


One Day New: Postpartum Uncensored sessions start at $750, connect with me for additional information or to book your session or birth today!

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