Hoban Press — Quality Letterpress Products for Luxury Brands

I remember when I started my business in 2011, the first investment I made in marketing and advertisement was The Business Card. Oh, that first batch of cards with my now-cringe-worthy images and my contact information made me feel so incredibly legitimate. But my business was evolving quickly and with it, so were my tastes. Over the years, I’ve had several business cards designed and printed through at least three vendors, but I was always left feeling a little underwhelmed by them all. It wasn’t long after each shipment arrived that I began to feel downright embarrassed to hand them out. Combine that with the fact that living in the age of technology has reduced the opportunities I’ve had to give them out and, well, most of my investments ended up in the trash.

For a long time, I didn’t carry business cards at all. I thought, maybe, I just didn’t need them anymore. But every so often, I’d find myself perfectly poised to hand over a card to someone eager to connect with me, and… I’d have nothing to give them. So, for years I’ve been on the hunt for The Perfect Business Card, and repeatedly coming up empty-handed.

That is, until now. Enter: Hoban Press.


Ah yes, I can confidently say that Hoban Cards has made my business card wet dreams come true. If you are looking for a card with impact, this is it. When I hand this card over, it is with silent internal enthusiasm, the screaming, jumping, doing cartwheels kind (but with outward nonchalance, of course). It is thick. It is luxe. It is… almost nostalgic feeling. It provides a tactile experience that always elicits commentary from the recipient. Yes, always. Printed on Neenah Cotton, each exquisitely textured 100% cotton card is hand fed through one of their three 100+ year old antique letterpresses. Do they sound divine? Yeah, they fucking are.

As if a high quality product that makes you look like total badass when you hand it over isn’t enough, I also have to share about my experience with Evan Calkins, the kind, personable, and patient owner of Hoban Press. I must have sent that poor guy half a dozen emails with questions. He graciously took who-knows-how-much-time out of his life to respond to all my questions thoroughly before I was ready to commit. You guys, good customer service goes a hell of a long way with me, and probably with you. Hoban Press does not disappoint. I mean, how cool is it anyway that emails are replied to by the owner, himself?

“Do they sound divine? Yeah, they fucking are.”

luxury business cards for photographers

So what’s the problem with them? You can’t write an honest review without one, right? Well… the only downside I can find right now is that eventually I’m going to run out of them, and that, my friends, will be a very sad day.

Okay, fine, here’s a real “problem” for some of you - if you’re a photographer looking for a card that you can print an image on, this company isn’t for you. I’ve learned to avoid images on my cards because my style is constantly evolving, and I always want to share a current representation of my work. Additionally, I don’t really feel like I’m just a photographer, so enticing people onto my website and/or social profiles is the way to go for me. I truly couldn’t be happier with these cards, and I know that Hoban Press will have a lifelong customer in me. These cards feel like home— maybe they are just the home you’re looking for too.