Dubsado CRM | A Practical Review By A Birth Photographer

I'm obsessed.

No really, I. Am. Obsessed. Take a look at this beautiful dashboard! 

dubsado crm dashboard review

Dubsado easily qualifies as one of the wisest purchases I've made for my business. If you're not familiar with Dubsado, it's a Client Management and Accounting system that, for me, has suddenly made all the worst parts of running a business totally awesome. There are other systems like this, much more established, much more popular, and mostly, much more complicated. For months, I've been trialing them all—17Hats, Honeybook, Tàve, Sprout—and none seemed to fit the bill as perfectly as Dubsado does. Let me tell you some of what I can do with this...

Lead Capture—Embed a form directly onto my website that pulls client information into my dashboard. 

Send Emails—Correspond with each client directly through the dashboard.

Automated Workflows—I'm still digging in to see how much this can do for me, but for now I have an email set to go out as soon as a Lead Capture is completed. The email includes pertinent links and information, with a promise to send a personalized reply within 24 hours. Then, an email reminder sent to me 1 week after as a reminder to follow up with that client in the even I haven't heard back from them. For jobs, a confirmation email gets sent out to clients after they pay their initial retainer, thanking them and letting them know they're officially booked. I get an email reminder two weeks before a client's due date, letting me know that I'm entering the on-call time for their birth. A period of time after the birth is completed, I get an email reminder to let me know I have two weeks to deliver their gallery. Soon, I'll add an email that goes out two weeks after gallery delivery, asking for feedback on my client's experience with me!

Contracts—I can send clients contracts digitally and store them in their portal.

Questionnaires & Sub-Agreements—Same as you can do with contracts, any forms you may need completed can be created, sent, and stored in the portal. I have model releases under my sub-agreements, a birth questionnaire, documentary questionnaire, things of this nature.

Track Expenses and Payments—Pretty self explanatory, but track your expenses and your income through Dubsado. Categorize your expenses to simplify tax time. 

Send Invoices—Invoice your clients and accept payments through Dubsado via Stripe, Square, or Paypal. These payments are automatically pulled into your bookkeeping as Income. Dubsado does NOT charge a fee in addition to the merchant processors, which I understand sets them apart from a few of the other systems!

Client Portals—Don't want to send multiple emails to your clients asking for a contract, each questionnaire, each invoice payment... send them a link directly to their client portal! They can view and complete all of their emails, forms, contracts, sub-agreements, invoices, etc. in one place.

To be honest, I'm still learning all the ways I can use Dubsado to streamline my business better. There are always tons of new features in the works, and the customer service is absolutely unbeatable. The interface is clean, simple, beautiful and easy to navigate. But do you want to know what my favorite feature of all is?


What is a proposal? For my business, it is a complete booking process. In a proposal, I can send all my package options as well as add-ons for sessions or products. Clients select the package and add-ons they would like, and it builds an invoice based on their selections. I've built my questionnaire into my proposal as well, so that I can have it completed and on file for easy reference. On the second page, they'll sign their contract, and the third page, they'll make the initial payment on their invoice. It's so amazing. Watch this quick video taking you through the client view of a proposal!

Yes. Yes, yes, yes! When I was originally turned on to Dubsado by Nicole Churchin, I truly didn't think her enthusiasm was sincere (sorry, Nicole!) I kinda figured oh, this is one of those things where you click the affiliate link and she makes money or something. Not far off base, but now I get it. She was enthusiastic because it's WORTH being enthusiastic about! I truly can't get enough of how awesome it is. 

But how much does it cost?

Cheaper than the system you're with now, I bet! I was lucky enough to lock in a super low monthly payment early on, but the current pricing is $20 monthly, yearly subscription is $200, and the lifetime purchase is $700. If you use any of the links to Dubsado (<--- like this one!) in this post, you can start a trial that will automatically give you a 20% off your first month or year if you decide to subscribe. No pressure, none needed! I'm pretty confident you'll fall in love, and it will be one of the best investments you make in yourself and your business. What have you got to lose?!


What has been your best business investment recently?