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When my Gramps passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2018, we found scrapbooks and albums and boxes of photos in his house, snapshots and portraits of all kinds chronicling his life from early childhood. As I thumbed through the photographs, some now almost 80 years old, I became enamored with the ones that offered a window into what his life was like long before I ever existed. He and his brothers as kids, shirts off and tumbling through the grass in the summertime. Countless photos from when he was daring my Gran as a teenager, their honeymoon in Hawaii, life in the Air Force and as young parents, passed out on the couch with a baby, or early on Christmas morning as they grew older. Sure, there was an abundance of traditional portraits, that was the most popular (only?) form of family photography during their generation, after all… but I glossed over those, they had no soul, offered no story. They didn’t show me who they were, or what it was like to be alive in their time. They didn’t make me feel.

Although I had already adopted a documentary approach to shooting in all aspects of my work, that experience really impacted the way I view photography, how I observe and what I choose to capture at client sessions, and what I want to leave behind for my own children. If you value truth and authenticity, embrace whatever season of your life you’re in, and consider yourself to be a bit non-traditional, family photojournalism would probably be a great fit for you.

As a woman and a mother, I feel the most passionate about and qualified to document motherhood at its many stages. These sessions are available for maternity, newborn, mothering/breastfeeding, and family. Allow me to honestly capture the essence of you and your loved ones in your everyday lives. Show me your humanness. Show me your mess and your chaos, and I’ll show you its beauty. Life is frustrating and wildly perfect, just the way it is. Family photojournalism doesn’t highlight the perfect, but embraces every glorious facet of your family—the tears, the laughter, the tired, and the tender. Together, we can preserve your life’s story.


Raw and real stories about your first day at home with baby, a particularly unique and short-lived season in your life as a new, or newly expanded, family... when the days are long, the nights are longer, and the emotions wash over you like tidal waves. At a time when you may feel the most out of place in your body, your home, and your life, this is photography that celebrates change and embraces the hectic, but beautiful, new life you’re settling into. It is an opportunity to practice self-love at a time when you feel more vulnerable than ever before. To be grateful for your body, honoring it as the amazing first home your baby once knew. Come as you are… you are utterly glorious.

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