Educational content is coming soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who has emailed and sent messages asking me questions, inquiring about mentoring, telling me how much you love my presets. It's only because of you that I finally have the confidence I needed to start believing that what I know is worth sharing! I am actively in the process of putting together educational content based on YOUR feedback, and it will be available so. very. soon. 

But here's one thing I really hate... when accounts I love start pushing products like crazy. So, in order to keep promotion of products and courses to a minimum on my social media accounts, I'd love it if you would instead opt-in to notifications  about learning opportunities! Here is what I promise:

I will NEVER sell your information to anyone, for any reason. (Seriously, what kind of asshole does that, anyway?) 

You will NEVER receive daily emails from me. Sure, I bet they're effective. I bet they're worth the fact that 90% of people receive them are so. very. annoyed. by it. I just won't, because I can't stand getting them myself. You will probably not get more than one email from a week from me, max. Probably more like once a month. 

I will NEVER email you about anything unrelated to exactly what you're asking for: updates on learning opportunities. Specifically, I will let you know when/if I release courses or guides, and again only if they are being offered at a promotional price. That's it! 

Listen, I think that if you find value in my work, my knowledge, and what I have to offer, I won't have to beg you to buy it. You'll just want to!

If you also want to be notified of new product releases (templates, presets, etc), sign up with this form too! All the same promises apply.