Introducing the AIMP Clean Edit Presets for Lightroom

I have been asked many times over the years how I achieve such bright, clean, colorful edits. To be honest, there is no one straight answer to that question! I look for good light, take the time to set custom white balance, and expose properly in camera as much as I can. Even so, when you're shooting in RAW, the images straight out of the camera will often fall flat. That's where these presets come in - they are what I think is the perfect balance of adjustments to enhance the best in your images without overdoing it. They are excellent as a starting point to build on, but I think you'll find you rarely, if ever, need to!

Below you will find comprehensive descriptions for each preset, how I use them, as well as before and after images and a variety of edits with each preset. All of the before/after images and edit examples are one-click edits on SOOC images after white balance and exposure adjustments ONLY.

Clean Contrast

This is a versatile preset best suited for average scenes with medium contrast. It enhance colors and skintones, adds subtle contrast, and defines lines in your images. For high contrast scenes or those with very rich, bright color, you may find this one a little heavy.


Clean Light

This preset was designed to work best with higher contrast scenes. It lifts shadows slightly, boosts skintone luminance a hair, smoothes skin, maintains even, balanced color hues and saturations and defines the edges in your images. This preset can also be applied to a lower contrast scene for a lighter, airier edit.


Clean Bold

Clean Bold - this preset is some kind of magic, you'll either love it or you'll hate it! When it works, it is simply amazing, but be warned - this preset will not work for all scenes or even all types of shooters. If you tend to overexpose your images in camera a little (like I do), this preset is apt to wash out your highlights. It works beautifully for slightly underexposed images with low or medium contrast. It adds a great deal of depth and character to your images. This preset produces the highest contrast of the three for color edits.


*Bottom right image courtesy of Vanessa Mendez

BW Matte

Simple, beautiful, straight forward. This is a high contrast black & white preset with an ever-so-slight matte effect. Stunning and suitable for most images.


*Bottom left image courtesy of Vanessa Mendez

BW Contrast

The close cousin of the beautifully contrasty BW Matte preset, this is a higher contrast black & white conversion with deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and sharper edge definition.


*Bottom middle image courtesy of Vanessa Mendez


*Image by Vanessa Mendez



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