Client Resources

I have compiled a list of local resources for my birth clients. If you are looking for a midwife, doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, or chiropractor, this is the resource for you!


colleen mikeska woman craft austin placenta encapsulation

Colleen Mikeska
woman Craft Wellness & Healing

As an experienced birth worker, I've supported hundreds of women and new families through doula support, massage therapy and placenta encapsulation. After years of working as a birth doula, I've seen a variety of approaches to pregnancy and birth. Turns out the common thread in a happy mom isn't a specific approach, but is instead support. I'm familiar with the specific physical, emotional and mental needs of pregnant women and brand-spanking new moms. Pregnancy, birth and new parenthood are hard, but with the right team, it can be an exciting and joyous adventure.

hill country placentas austin tx

Lisa Kestler
Hill Country Placentas

I have been working with new families since 2001. First as a NICU Respiratory Therapist and now a placenta encapsulator.I am a certified encapsulator through the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.  I have been working with placentas for over five years and have helped over 1100 women have better postpartum transitions. I am very passionate about my work and helping women have a better postpartum transition. I built the first commercial kitchen in Texas solely dedicated to placenta processing. I testified at the Capital and worked to get a new law put in place to make placenta release easy at all Texas hospitals. I believe all women should be supported as they go through their postpartum transition.



GB Khalsa

GB is Austin's most beloved midwife. Kind, maternal, wise and soft-spoken, she has attended over 1000 births and is now in her 35th year serving women in Austin.




Austin Born

AustinBorn is a center for expecting and new parents, offering birth and postpartum doula support, comprehensive classes, and a judgement-free community to all families.


Jess Edwards
Honeybird doula care

If there is one word people use to describe me, it's passionate. I love what I do, I love the families I have served, and I love each miraculous baby brought earthside by powerful women. I am so fortunate to be a witness and hold space during every beautiful birth, and to help make the labor and birth experience more positive, comfortable and memorable. I am an excellent anticipator of needs. Listener. Watcher. I pay keen attention to the little details so that your birth partner can maintain complete focus, love and support for you.