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Bear witness to your own unrivaled power...

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The censorship of childbirth and the silencing of our narratives has disconnected us from our innate strength. Through honest & visceral imagery, I help mothers to take ownership of their birth experiences, and bear witness to their own unrivaled power.
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Austin Birth Photographer

Hi, I'm Kayla Grey

meet kayla grey birth photographer

That’s me there, holding my two youngest just minutes after my 5th was born into my waiting hands, unassisted on the bathroom floor. I figure if you’re going to invite me into such a vulnerable space, I should first share mine with you as well.

My obsession with and knowledge of birth extends far beyond my role as a photographer, and I humbly think that makes me an incredible asset to your birth team. I find the physiological process of birth endlessly fascinating, and I never want to stop learning about it. In this work, my knowledge and trust in birth means I feel completely at ease in your birth space.

I believe our stories are changing the world. I share my own because I’ve seen firsthand the ripple effect it can have, encouraging other women to re-claim their rightful power over birth as well.

Image by Vanessa Mendez


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