An Emotional First Birth at St. David's South Austin

I’ll never forget the first email I got from Laura, a short note about wanting to have her birth documented, wherein she proclaimed she was “scared shitless” to have a baby, and I knew we would get alone just fine. Not only did I appreciate her honesty and humility, Laura is also an incredibly talented outdoor boudoir photographer at Inspire Boudoir in Austin, TX. It’s always an honor to work with other photographers, I consider it one of the highest possible compliments and am so thankful that they understand better than many the value of what I do. Laura is beautiful inside and out, funny, and kind, and it was my deepest honor to document this emotional journey for her family, and to call her my friend today.

About the birth, Laura says “After she was born I cried 9 months worth of pregnancy tears, astonished I actually did it. So overwhelmed by the whole experience. To the man who waited patiently for us to finally have a child and when it finally happened for always being there, through 24/7 vomiting to labor. You gave me everything I needed that day. I cannot believe after 9 years together, there is a little human we made. You will be the best father!”

Care Provider: Crystal S. Berry-Roberts, MD, MBA, FACOG
Place of Birth: St. David’s South Austin Medical Center
Labor Support: Jess Edwards, Honeybird Doula Care

PS - You can see more of Laura’s beautiful work at Inspire Boudoir on Instagram!