Self-Weaning: An Intimate Look at Nursing Beyond Infancy

Heather Gallagher is one of Austin's most talented and well-loved documentary photographers, and a dear friend of mine. She was one of the first to meet Foxe, when she came to document our very new and honest postpartum life. To say that I was honored when she asked if I would be interested in capturing her and her 4-year-old's nursing relationship before he weaned is an understatement. As I have personally breastfed two of my children to the age of 4, this session was exceptionally personal for me. To see a mother nurse her baby past the age of one is really uncommon in the United States, despite its normalcy around the world and the well-known benefits. Even more uncommon is the mother who is willing to talk openly about it, never mind show the world a glimpse of the beautiful and intimate relationship that develops with older nurslings. The love between Heather and Lee was tangible and awe-inspiring. I wish for every human to know a love and connection so pure as these two do.