Birth Photography & Films

Documenting the Honesty + Unrivaled Power of Childbirth

Birth is the most transformative human experience, the epitome of divine womanhood. Your birth day is often a blur, a day of intense, heightened emotion, of transcendence, of overwhelming love… and one in which the details slip away from you ever so quickly, becoming hazy, vague memories at best.

Hiring a birth photographer will ensure that you can fill in the gaps when you look back on the day you met the love of your life, and that your partner’s focus remains exactly where it should be—squarely on you.

Stats & Experience

  • Number of Births Attended: 63

  • Hospital: 34

  • Birth Center: 13

  • Home: 16

  • Cesarean: 12

But, can you have your birth photographed? Almost certainly! I have worked with many of Austin's best midwives and doctors, and at most of the local hospitals and birth centers without ever having an issue. I have not encountered any restrictions on what can be photographed at home or birth center births, and minimal restrictions at hospitals. Here's a quick reference for the many care providers, hospitals, and birth centers I have had experience with:


  • Andrea Campaigne, MD

  • Blake (Ofobike) Weidaw, MD

  • Anita R. Sandhu, MD

  • Maansi Piparia, MD, FACOG

  • Diana Wang, MD

  • Christopher Seeker, MD

  • Christy Capet, MD

  • Robert Cowan, MD

  • Jessica Langsjoen, MD


  • St. David's Women's Center of Texas

  • St. David's South Austin Medical Center

  • St. David's Medical Center

  • Seton Medical Center

  • Seton Medical Center Williamson

  • Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Round Rock

  • Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Temple

  • Darnall Army Medical Center - Ft. Hood

Birth Centers:



The journey into parenthood is incredibly profound, whether for the first time, or the fifth. Every birth story is so beautifully unique that documenting them never grows old. I approach birth photography as authentically as possible, embracing the primal nature of the birthing person and every aspect of the process. I love to capture the elation of a mother holding her child for the first time, but I must admit—it's the other moments that pull me in the most. The forgotten moments.

The tender, quiet connection with your partner or your doula.
The incomparable exhaustion.
The intensity of transition.
The vulnerability of a mother saying “I can't do this…”
…and her untouchable power in the moment that she does. 

Birth is more than just joyful—it's fucking hard, and messy, and it cracks you wide open, not just literally, but figuratively. All of it is worthy of remembering. You should birth on your own terms, and I will document that as honestly as possible. For this reason, I do not avoid nudity in images, and consistently value authenticity over perfection.

When you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring an artist to preserve moments with your loved ones that you will never experience again in the exact same way. Birth photography is a luxury investment, but one you will never regret making. Feel free to contact me to discuss your custom payment plan or gift registry.

All Birth Collections Include:

  • Two Prenatal Consultations

  • On Call from 38-42 Weeks

  • Labor, Birth, & Postpartum Coverage

  • Previews Delivered within 24 Hours of Birth

  • Full Resolution, Print Ready Digital Files

  • A Custom Engraved, Heirloom Quality Product

On average, each family invests around $2,200 for birth coverage, but I have packages and payment arrangements to accommodate most budgets. For the full pricing guide, availability, and all flexible payment arrangements, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message!